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Structured cabling services

Design and installation of structured cabling systems tailored to the specific needs of businesses and organisations

Patch panels with neatly organised CAT6 cables in a structured cabling setup

About structured cabling services

The infrastructure cabling follows predefined cabling standards with pre-set routes and connection points. Whilst it may be costly and prove timely to complete, its efficiency is proved with lower operational and maintenance costs and a longer life span of the infrastructure.

We can help you with

Fiber optic cables neatly plugged in, forming an integral part of structured cabling infrastructure

Data centre infrastructure cabling

Lately, the company’s focus has shifted more towards data centres as we have been expanding our clients list rapidly in that area, providing exceptional services to many big names in the game. Our skilled engineers have mastered the data centre infrastructure cabling to the smallest detail, so the installation will not only look professional, but also work to 100% providing you with the best connectivity possible.

Fibre runner

Containment installation

Our dedicated containment team can install the containment runs in your facilities following all design and requirements up to industry standards. Your network infrastructure will be safe and sound.

CAT6 cable ends

CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 installation

This is our bread and butter, our teams will provide you with the best copper structured cabling installation there is. We have worked with all client preferred cabling systems such as: Brand-Rex, Panduit, Systemax and many others.

Our approach

Our approach to Structured Cabling is built on precision and adherence to deadlines. We begin by meticulously assessing your requirements, crafting a tailored design, and executing installation with exacting detail. Through rigorous testing, we ensure optimal performance, meeting deadlines without compromise.

A young engineer organizes cables within a cabinet in a server room or data center