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Cabling solutions for data centres and office spaces

How we can help you

Structured cabling

Our structured cabling service offers comprehensive solutions for organising and optimising your network infrastructure. With planning and expert installation, we design tailored cabling systems to support seamless data transmission.

  • Data centre cabling infrastructure
  • Containment installation
  • Installation of CAT6,CAT6A,CAT67

Fibre optic installation & splicing

Fiber optic installation is the seamless deployment of high-speed data transmission networks through the meticulous laying of fiber optic cables underground or overhead. Fiber optic splicing, on the other hand, involves expertly connecting optical fibers to ensure uninterrupted light signal transmission with minimal loss, thereby maintaining data integrity and network reliability.

  • Fibre optic installation & Fibre optic splicing
  • Installation of fibre optic links MPO/MTP
  • Installation and splicing of ribbon fibre optic links

Smart Hands

Our technicians are experienced in preparing all the connectivity required for future rack deployments or hardware installations and is what clients are mostly looking for but take advantage of all the other advantages the service offers. We also offer clients desk moves and changes if that is what you require assistance with.

  • Migration of data centre equipment

  • End to end equipment connectivity patching

  • Racking and stacking

  • Troubleshooting (connectivity, SFP/QSFP replacements)

  • Rack building

Managing projects

DCabling can also help to manage your projects from start to finish and site manage while at it.

Infrastructure testing / Testing and certification

Testing is a vital part of the process to ensure the installation is completed successfully. It provides a peace of mind to the client that all installed infrastructure is working as intended.

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Sectors we cover

Data centres

Elevating data centres' performance with cutting-edge cabling infrastructure solutions. From high-density server rooms to scalable network designs, we optimise connectivity for seamless operations and data flow, ensuring your data center stays at the forefront of efficiency and innovation.

Office spaces

Transforming offices into a dynamic and connected workspaces. Our tailored solutions enhance communication, productivity, and flexibility, creating a seamless network that supports your business needs. From structured cabling to network design, we provide the backbone for your office's success.

Commercial buildings

Crafting robust cabling solutions for commercial buildings, ensuring connectivity that aligns with the demands of modern businesses. From retail spaces to large complexes, our infrastructure services are designed to enhance efficiency, scalability, and reliability, empowering commercial spaces for optimal performance and growth.