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DCC letters

Infrastructure testing and certification

Cabling solutions for data centres and office spaces

Our testing and certification services

This service offers a comprehensive end-to-end testing on all installations we undertake. Additionally, we offer on-demand end-to-end testing for clients, addressing any issues encountered along the way. Testing is integral to our process, ensuring the installations meet the industry standards and our clients’ requirements. Our customer satisfaction is a priority.

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Measuring and cleaning of fiber optic connections in IT network


Testing is a vital part of the network infrastructure installation and requires specific tools to complete. Our engineers are equipment with the necessary gear to complete all testing processes for copper and fibre. All tools are regularly calibrated to ensure accurate results are produced.

A man with a laptop providing certification cervices


Certification is produced in the form of testing results that we provide to our clients. It will be in a report format, detailing all connections that have been tested. This officially signs off the installation as completed.